About Us

Say hello to the new and best way to easily build your site, without even knowing how to code.

Styxie is a bunch of friends, including web developers, one awesome designer, penetration-testers and a backend programmer, which came up with an awesome idea how to build a website with all new, easiest and best way! Our way is also a social way, closely to what Facebook does, but in a much better way!


We don't think that if you want to build a good looking website of your own you should know how to code. All you have to know is how you want your website will be look like and simply do it.


Today, building a website can be expensive. But why? With Styxie you have everything you need with the lowest cost! Every kid can afford his site!


Styxie is a social way to build your website. We say no more, just wait for it...